• Our Mission

    Our products exist to simplify your hair routine, minimize damage, and most importantly, give you (really) good hair.

  • /bo͝oklē/ What's in a name?
    In our case, quite a lot actually. It comes from two places that are important to us: France and Bulgaria. In French bouclés simply means curls. It is equally inspired by the Bulgarian meaning of букли; the confidence boost you feel when your hair looks amazing.
    We want you to feel this everyday.

  • Soft Foams

  • Vertical Wind

  • Lightweight

Our Difference

Our unique designs allow you to wind your hair in a spiral manner - mimicking the shape created by curling wands and irons. We incorporate breathable foams, extra-soft sponges, and silky, featherlight nylons.

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What's Our Story?

Bukli started with a personal need and a passion for styling hair. Founder Elitza Voeva-Kolev took an interest in curling her hair from a young age growing up in Bulgaria. Little did she know that adulthood would mean big changes, including finding the time to use a curling iron. She came to the US when she was 19 years old to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering. In her early 30s, while balancing a full-time job and a newborn daughter, she recognized these electric styling tools were more than time-consuming. Years of application began to cause noticeable damage to her hair. Traditional curlers proved to be an inadequate alternative. Those on the market featured outdated designs that produced bottom-heavy and unappealing curls. Putting her engineering background to use, Elitza designed a new set of curlers for herself. From this innovation, Bukli was born.

Elitza’s brand achieves modern curls with minimal time and no damage. With Bukli, everyone can accomplish hairstyling perfection on their own – through a simplified hair routine that takes as little work as possible. Never feel tied to an electric-corded styling tool again!

Our Values

Bukli constantly pursues game-changing new ideas to make sure you get the best from your hair. We are continuously growing, innovating and improving. We provide you with high quality and innovative styling tools which will simplify your hair routine. ​

We have kicked the traditional way of curling to the curb by introducing Bukli curlers; tools that will help you avoid the damage that heat and rigid tools do to your hair.


Bukli was founded on a necessity. A need to have your perfect curls (whatever perfect is to you) without sacrificing your time or damaging your hair. ​

One of our most important values is convenience; making beautiful hair as easy and as efficient as possible for you and fitting it in around the rest of your life. Bukli simplifies your hair routine, saves you time, provides you with an enjoyable hair experience and, most importantly, gives you (really) good hair.

Passion for Beauty + Fun

Beauty in ourselves, our products and the world around us. We believe beauty and fun can be found in anything and everything. We strive to find it, and make it as easy as possible for you to find every day. We're fun, bold and daring in our lives, hair and everything in between.


We are passionate about Bukli and know we do one thing really well - giving you (really) good hair.

This makes us bold and brave in our decisions and inspires us to keep moving forward: creating, improving and having fun while we do it.
  • STEM for Her

    STEM for Her is an organization that is close to our heart. Elitza, our founder, has a background in Engineering and understands just how important the work STEM for Her does promoting awareness, excitement and opportunities among girls to launch successful STEM-related careers.

    STEM for Her connects girls and young women to a community of STEM women and other girls, enabling them to envision the path to an education and a career in STEM.