• Plastic Snaps Plastic Snaps

    These Plastic Snaps team up with our 0.7" (16 cm) Hydro Flexi Curlers to provide an ultra-secure way to hold hair in place while curling. Leaving our flexible curlers in overnight to work their magic is made easy with the addition of our unique plastic snaps. Use these plastic snaps to avoid the hassle of your hair slipping out of the curler. How to Use After winding a section of hair along the flexible curler, press the snap on to secure the hair around the curler at the desired length away from the hair ends. The snugly fitting snap results in modern and tidy curls. What Else Do You Need to Know?   Includes 10 snaps.   Made from BPA free plastic.   US Patent: # D817548

  • Nylon Sleeves Nylon Sleeves

    This extra set of nylon curler sleeves offer a faster drying process and are the perfect accessory to our Curling Flutes®. The sleeves protect the hair and connect to the self-grip surface of the curling flutes with ease, preventing hair from tangling or catching in the rollers. Use two sleeves to protect very long hair lengths.   Curling flutes not included. How to Use Take a section of hair and gently thread it through the nylon sleeve using your fingers. Wind the sleeve along the flute in a spiral motion. For curls that last all day, slightly dampen the hair before putting each flute in. Important: Make sure only the nylon sleeve and not the hair make direct contact with the flute to prevent hair getting caught. What Else Do You Need to Know? Includes 14 sleeves.   Made from 100% soft nylon yarn.    Dimensions:  16in (40cm).